Storm Warning

Storm Warning - Dinah McCall, Sharon Sala Well, that was fucking TWIST, man! Totally didn't expect that - I really thought I had it all figured out. Nope. Not even close. But it all made perfect sense in the end, just as much sense as my assumption.

Let's see... complaints, complaints... I've always got 'em.

There was a secondary threat eliminated early on that I thought was a bit pointless. It was just filler, I think. But kinda disturbing filler. It felt like the author was being salacious just for the sake of being salacious.

And we don't learn very much about our hero, Sully. He was friends with a victim and her brother and he works for the FBI - that's all we really know. Same with Ginny... she went to a special school and now she's a reporter, the end. Definitely not a character driven story.

Oh, and Ginny going from being in total shock to stomping her foot and demanding to confront her aggressor in five seconds was so far from believable, it was painful.

Otherwise, damn good story.