Maggie for Hire

Maggie for Hire - Kate Danley Maggie, our main character and narrator, has an incredibly sarcastic and dry wit. Her voice is casual and makes the first person narrative much easier to stomach. She's smart, yet vulnerable and stubborn, with a few TSTL moments that she quickly learns from. I would have liked to see a bit more of this tracking, though. She really doesn't do any tracking in this story.

Killian, our sexy elven partner of Maggie's, is a delight. His sense of humor kept him from being an archaic douchetrap. He's very free with his affections towards Maggie and she kinda ignores it, so it's an interesting dynamic. I hope it'll develop into something more, but stay casual and lighthearted as it has been.

I enjoyed the plot quite a bit, but I got kinda lost with the portal stuff. It wasn't described very well and I honestly have no freaking clue how exactly Maggie saved the day. There is a big reveal at the end related to Maggie's father and it wasn't really handled. It's not explained, there's no emotional outburst, there's... nothing. It just happens and the end. It may have made more sense if I understood the portal nonsense, though.

Overall, I really liked this book. It was funny and thrilling with a bit of suspense and the tiniest hint of romance. We meet humans, elves, brownies, vampires, and ghouls - other creatures are mentioned and I hope we'll meet some of them in the following books. I'll be starting the sequel in the next couple days.

Definitely recommended.