A Tangled Web

A Tangled Web - Mercedes Lackey I only read "Harvest Moon/A Tangled Web" by Mercedes Lackey. This story features the supporting characters Leo and Bru from the previous book along with Persephone and Hades. Always more than one romance happening in Lackey's books.

I think I prefer her full length novels because she tends to go on these infodump rants and have her characters mull over every single possibility, even though none of it is in any way relevant. And she simply doesn't have time to do that and keep a story flowing in a short story. It was interesting to see how The Tradition worked on the Gods of Olympus, but the author failed to take advantage of her own (very interesting) mythos by wasting page time on how many god damn different fields there are in the Underworld (a lot, apparently) and not showing us why the gods behave the way they do.

With the jumping around between 3 different relationships, none of them are very fleshed out. You're told that these people love each other and why, but you don't see it because they're literally together for like 4 pages each. Things just are in this story, there is no character development really.

It's quite a ridiculous way to write, but it seems to be this author's way of doing things. It works in her full length novels because there is plenty of time for the over abundance of pointless information and things are just so crazy that you'll go with it anyway. Here in a shorter story, it just does not work. Not for me, anyway.