All You Need is Love

All You Need is Love - Marie Force I read another very similar story recently, Sleigh Bells in the Snow. And honestly, I can't figure out which one I liked more. Both stories feature a city girl going to wintery Vermont for business reasons and falling in love with rough and rugged family-man clients. Sleigh Bells was funnier, but I think I liked the male lead from this story better. I dunno.

Regardless, this was a nice little read. My main problem is with Cameron, the female lead. Her whole "My past relationships haven't worked, so this one won't, either." thing got tiring. She was all "I'm gonna crash and burn!" the whole freaking time, keeping her dread hanging over the whole relationship. But Will, the rough and rugged family-man client was awesome. AWESOME. I really liked him.

So yeah, good read. Not the best. I do love me some wintery Vermont stories, though.