Out of Body

Out of Body - Stella Cameron I made it 14% before I had to call it quits. So far, it's a very disjointed way of telling a story. Marley, the main character, is ridiculously vague, unsure of herself, and confused. You can't get a grasp on a character that doesn't even have a grasp on herself. Then we have the other main character, Fisher, who is also vague and confusing. And Archer, who just seems like an asshole so far.

The problem isn't so much the characters, though if they weren't so confusing, it would be easier to continue. The real problem is that the writing makes no sense. It doesn't flow at all. From one paragraph to the next, you have no fucking clue what they're talking about or where they're going to go next. Six chapters in and I'm lost.

To be fair, there is a truly icky moment where you find out how this one lady died and that was interesting, but not enough to make me push through this miasma of confusion. The book may be a great one, though I doubt I'll ever find out.