Dark Water

Dark Water - Sharon Sala Alright, I'm going with 3.5 stars - the book definitely redeemed itself after a rocky start with an overly-aggressive and irresponsible main character. She was pretty bad at the beginning, but she soon got her shit together and was much improved for the rest of the book.

The villain was fairly obvious from the beginning, though the hints The gender of the killer not being revealed; the lack of open suspicion placed on the killer; the reminders of the killer's relationship to the victim every time they're introduced; and one very suspicious scene that is only obvious if you think like a killer... which I don't... I swear. were clearly intended to lead you away from them. In the end, they only pointed more strongly to their identity. It was like a very poorly done magic trick. But they were a good villain - good in the sense that they were good at being a bad guy. Except for the part where you actually accomplish your goals... they were unable to kill the main character, so they're obviously not all that good. I digress.

The main character's Aunt stole the show for a bit. She was a great character and seemed be a way to keep the main character on track. I liked her a lot.

The romance... it was kinda mellow with random moments of heat. Very clean sex scenes ("They explode with passion and drift off to sleep. The next day..."). I liked Tony, though he was a little too perfect. But I'll forgive it because the story really wasn't about the romance so much as it was about the suspense part of "romantic suspense". I wouldn't care to deal with the hero's flaws while dealing with the drama and the main character's development. So good job on that.

Overall, not my favorite Sala book, but worth the read.