The Gift: Home for Christmas / All I Want for Christmas

The Gift: Home for Christmas / All I Want for Christmas - Nora Roberts 1.5 STARS I wouldn't have even written a review for this - out of season, two short stories by the same author... I was just going to rate it and move on. But I am so flabbergasted, I have to say something.

Home for Christmas was a cute little short story. No real complaints. It was good for what it was.

But the second story, All I Want for Christmas... are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME.

Nora Roberts is a fabulous writer. Even when I don't like her characters, I believe she's written them realistically - that's why I don't like them, because I know them in real life and don't like them there, either. She wants to write a hard-boiled detective, she fucking does it. And she does it well.

So why am I reading about two first graders that are discussing their father's need for "companionship"; their desire to have a mother to help them with science projects; and how the nanny isn't enough to fill the void of not having a mother's love. THEY ARE FIRST GRADERS. They're even talking about how smart they are because they can read Green Eggs and Ham with their father's help. They aren't doing fucking science projects!

I'm not even sure a teenager would understand these concepts, much less be able to recognize them, identify them, admit to them, or even express them. Their behavior, vocabulary, and intelligence are so unbelievable and beyond realistic that I'm actually raging about this on PAGE TWO. I haven't even gotten to the third page and I'm already so flabbergasted, I can't continue. I won't be able to enjoy the story, regardless of how good it is, because I'm going to be silently raging about the maturity of these "children" any time they in a scene.

I cannot figure out what in the world Nora Roberts was thinking when she wrote these characters. So the book gets 1.5 stars - 2.5 stars for Home for Christmas and 0 stars/DNF for All I Want for Christmas.