My Lady Mage

My Lady Mage - Alexis Morgan Two complaints: Merewen keeps putting herself in danger and though it is usually to help others, it's incredibly selfish. Gideon has to repeatedly remind her that possession of their very souls relies on saving her, so her running headlong into danger is not helping. I really didn't like that. The other complaint is that OMG IT'S A TRILOGY AND I HAVE TO KNOW WTF IS HAPPENING WITH GIDEON AND MEREWEN'S HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! Aaaghhh! I noticed at like, 88% that there was definitely not enough time to finish their story and was horribly depressed for the last few chapters. *sigh* It was so enthralling, I'm not surprised I didn't notice this. I didn't want it to end, but I must know the ending!

The story was epic and intensely interesting, the characters are so... real, comprehensive, and endearing (the good guys, not the bad guys). I loved this story. I'll be tracking down the other two books in this series as soon as possible. Honestly, I'm not horribly interested in Duncan or Kane's story, but I absolutely cannot live the rest of my life without finding out how Gideon and Merewen get on and what's up with her magic and whether or not the Damned are released from their curse.

Definitely recommended, even without reading the rest of the trilogy.