Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels - Susan Andersen I really should create a "wtf-was-i-thinking" shelf for books that I constantly want to DNF, but don't. I disliked almost everything about this book, but I didn't stop reading it - I don't know why. I considered DNFing it every few pages.

Veronica is not an endearing character. She cares for her niece and is supposedly good at her job, a decent friend... and those are the only positive things I can say about her. Well, she has some witty banter moments, but that's not really a personality trait. Mostly, she's stubborn, unknowingly selfish, naive, lacking in self-confidence, wishy-washy, childish, insecure, and headstrong. That's a fucking lot of bad stuff, okay? She interrupts Coop when he's trying to apologize, insults him, and storms away. She refuses to forgive her mother for living a life she chose and not apologizing for it. Veronica seemed to be the only person that had a problem with her mother's way of life and allowed it to guide her entire future and state of mind. Her whole world is about "not being her mother". She makes assumptions and puts words Coop's mouth, completely twisting what he said so she can use it to make him sound horrible or to hurt him. She procrastinates having important conversations until they are unavoidable and then approaches them with zero tact, just stumbling blindly and callously into painful topics. And I hated her reasoning for not agreeing to be in a relationship with Coop. I thought it was kinda silly for how big of a deal she made of it.

Coop wasn't much better, though. He was kind of a dick to begin with, then warmed up to me before turning into a dick again. Why he felt the need to keep his occupation a secret from a woman he wants to marry is beyond me. It's not like it was going to compromise national security or anything. It would be like my husband not wanting me to know he's a boat captain. It makes no difference with... anything, really. But Coop was just... boring. He had issues, but they were super lame. Just not worth the inner conflict he seemed to feel over them.

Even the side characters... the best friend, Marissa - she had a big breakup scene and was atrocious. It was just as bad as Veronica's big fight, being hurtful and not allowing the other person to finish a sentence. Twisting words around to use as ammunition. Oh god, I hated her in that moment.

The plot of Veronica coming back home to take care of her niece after her sister was murdered by her husband, meeting Coop and his story, the villain targeting Veronica, etc. That was all fine and good, which is the only reason this book gets two stars. I might have given it one star otherwise, because the characters were just that bad.