One in a Million

One in a Million - Jill Shalvis My "heroine-ruins-it" shelf is getting mighty full, folks! Please, authors... please stop writing these self-deluding characters that refuse to be happy and risk love because they've been hurt before. It's getting god damn annoying. Oh yes, they all get their HEA in the end, but we still have to read through their neurotic and self-harming behavior for 300 pages before getting there.

My keyboard is messed up, so I will spare you the gory details of why Callie is so insanely annoying. But I have to mention one scene. There is a proposal scene that was written so perfectly and hilariously, that it earns this book a whole extra star. It was both touching and had me laughing out loud. Definitely made this book better. I'm not telling you who the scene features, so you'll have to find out on your own by reading, but just know in advance that there is a scene that makes putting up with Callie worth it.