Burned - Sarah Morgan I was really digging this until Rosie went kinda nuts and ran from the room like a bodice-clutching scandalized virgin that just saw her first penis. And then she has a happy little moment, so she does a karate move in celebration. That little move right there, in that scene, was so inappropriate and wtf, it would have made me DNF the whole thing if it hadn't been on the last page. As it is, the cheese-factor of it made me finish the book on a sour note. I wasn't very fond of Rosie to begin with, but the end made me actively dislike her.

Hunter's reason for leaving her was 100% sound. He should have talked to her before leaving, but leaving was definitely the right thing to do. He was very alpha and quiet, most of the book being spent on Rosie's meltdown, but he was actually a damn good guy to Rosie when they were younger. I liked him a lot. Which is probably why this is a two star instead of a one star read.

There's really no conflict here outside of Rosie's internal conflict, so it could have used a bit of external drama. Just a teensy bit, because it's a short story. Less time for us to get lost in Rosie's head.