Caught - Jami Alden 1.5 stars I haaate females like this! They'll fuck a guy they met yesterday, but think poorly of him the whole time.

"I can't believe a word he says, he'll probably say anything to get laid" comes up in the same paragraph as "I'm not good enough for him, he probably thinks I'm no different than any other warm hole he's gotten inside of." What the hell? That's not normal thinking.

This character, Toni, is abrasive, cowardly, immature, contrary, and churlish. It is not a good combination. And she thinks very little of herself. I mean, why does anyone want to read the POV of a person that thinks they are so worthless? I would have DNF'd this in the first chapter, but the missing teen story line was sounding pretty good. Unfortunately, Toni's horrible attitude and disposition resulted in my inability to stand her long enough to finish reading the book. I skimmed the hell out of the last 2/3rds of it because I wanted to know how it ended, but I hated Toni. She did not improve, not even even in the end. She had sweet moments - usually when Ethan had fucked her into being partially unconscious - but she was a wimp and lashed out at people. She wasn't even a nice person, but apparently she had super hot legs and is therefore somehow deserving of a HEA.

My only complaint about Ethan, aside from the fact that I swear to god I've seen numerous heroes named "Ethan Taggart" before... is that he doesn't take the missing teen situation seriously. "Oh, she's just off with friends or something, she'll be back soon, you'll see." How many times has that phrase been uttered before finding a dead body? The police are already skeptical, so how's about you be the one to take this shit seriously? Even when things start to develop and you see the teen has gotten involved in some not-so-great stuff, he still brushes off her disappearance. That annoyed the shit outta me. Then during my skim to the ending, he did the same thing when Toni was in danger. "She probably just left me, the bad guy is on the run - no worries." For somebody that spent so long in the military, he is not very good at detecting a threat.

Speaking of threats... this one is a doozy, which is why I couldn't give up on the book even though I wanted to ring Toni's neck and shake some sense into Ethan. Blackmail, biological weapons, kidnapping, pornography, drugs, sexual slavery, murder... this book seemed to have it all. The villain was really fucking scary and the threat to Kara was insane. I don't think a real teenage girl would come out of that so... smoothly. Sorry, you don't get kidnapped and almost sold into sexual slavery and then go purse shopping right after your rescue. She didn't actually do that, I'm using hyperbole to highlight the cavalier attitude she had. Class dismissed.

So yeah. Not digging this at all. This might have earned one more star had there not been two endings. Like, the story was pretty much over and it was fine. But then Toni chickens out of the relationship and runs away, getting into trouble and needing to be saved by Ethan. Great. Thanks. Give me another dose of Toni's stupidity and cowardice, because I hadn't gotten enough of that in the previous 300 pages.

I guess, basically... any scene without Toni was a decent read. Some of the sex was insanely hot, Ethan has a... way with words. So any scene without Toni and the sex scenes. I mean, skip any time Toni talks... or thinks. That's it, don't read any of Toni's dialogue or POV unless it's during sex. Basically... don't bother reading this book.