Hasty Resolution

Hasty Resolution - Sam Taylor Mullens image

Shocker of all shockers, it turns out that Sam Taylor Mullens (pen name for Tiffanie Rushton) has plagiarized more than once. But this time, she plagiarized a war veteran's first-hand account of surviving an IED attack in Iraq.

That's two out of her three books that are totally or partially plagiarized. It's no surprise that Rachel Ann Nunes is suing Mullens over her blatant plagiarism of Love to the Highest Bidder / A Bid for Love. I hope Nunes nails her ass and that Sgt. Chase Weston (total alpha hero name, right?) follows suit and sues Mullens as well.

Sgt. Weston's wife has written a letter to Mullens/Rushton here. It really highlights how this plagiarism has affected Mr. Weston and makes me hate Mullens/Rushton even more.

Sam Taylor Mullens is not an author. She's a thief and a deplorable excuse for a human being.