Color My Horse

Color My Horse - Bev Pettersen I had a bit of an issue with Jessica, the MC. She falls back on manipulation and deceit when she's thwarted or uncomfortable. If she feels rejected, she lashes out to hurt the person that rejected her. If she wants something, she'll tease and use her sexual wiles to manipulate, then she gets upset when the person she teases expects her to follow through. Insanely needy - any time Mark didn't pay enough attention to her, she was heartbroken and moped about. It was very frustrating. Doubly frustrating because when she wasn't acting like a petulant brat, she was a very strong and determined character. It was so contrary that I didn't know who the real Jessica was.

Mark, our ruggedly handsome horse trainer, was a pretty decent guy. He didn't want to make his father's mistakes and I understood his behavior. It was not at all contrary. His reactions and behavior fit his character perfectly. Though I wish he would have grabbed Jessica by the shoulders and shook some sense into her when she got childish. A bit more of his POV would have been nice, too.

As for the plot... Grandpa sucked. Man, did he suck. And while he was repentant at the end, he never got bitched out and I sooo wish he had. I would have really enjoyed that scene. The terrorist plot was a bit convoluted. It made a weird sort of sense at the end when everything was explained, but while it was (very slowly) developing, I couldn't figure out what the hell the point of it all was. The little kid seemed so unnecessary, that never made any sense to me. I mean, it all worked out in the end, I guess. But still... that bit of drama could have been smoother.

Overall, I liked it. It was fun, tense, and romantic. I have the box set of the first three books in this series (Color My Horse, Fillies and Females, and Jockeys and Jewels), but this was the only one whose blurb really piqued my interest. Now that I know that I enjoy Bev Pettersen's writing, I'll definitely give the other two a try. But not right now. I don't want to get worn out on horse training information, but I'll surely be reading the other books in this series soon.