Southern Men: Ballad of a Texas Rose

Southern Men: Ballad of a Texas Rose - Carla Kane 1.5 stars I'd have given this 0.5 stars because it's hilariously bad. But it also made me horny, so I feel like... even if it is terrible and I'm not exactly comfortable with being turned on by it, the fact that it did turn me on makes me think it deserves at least 1 more star. So there. Moving on...

This was fucking weird. No other word for it. Weird. Oh, and misogynistic.

It's four scenes that the author is calling stories. Scene One: Clara gets pulled over for speeding and has anal sex the Sheriff, who has a ridiculous obsession with being called "Boss" by his lovers. Scene Two: Clara is called to the Judge's office after court, where he reprimands her, spanks her, and then butt fucks her. Scene Three: Clara meets a confidential informant regarding her case and has sex with him to encourage him to give her classified documents. Scene Four: The Sheriff from scene one shows up, saves Clara, declares his love, and then has butt sex with her. The end.


Clara's pussy "foams" a lot and everyone has a huge dick. 2/3 of the men openly insult and look down on women, though I admit that might just be part of the fantasy persona, because it seems to trigger Clara's pussy foaming every time. I feel like the author just had some sex scenes in her head and decided to write up Clara as a slut that only exists when she's being bent over a piece of furniture. There is the tiniest and weakest attempt at a corrupt corporation plot, but let's just be honest... this book is simply sex scenes with various misogynists.