Raid - Kristen Ashley 3.5 stars You know how most romance novels have a scene where the H/h have a huge fight, break up, and then get back together? I mean, it's pretty standard fare in all these stories. So you're never really surprised when it happens, you just want to get to the part where one of them realizes their mistake and comes crawling back to grovel and lay their heart and soul out. You know what I'm talking about.

Obviously, that happened in this story. Because if it didn't, why would I have mentioned it? Unfortunately, this is one of those few times where somebody went too far. Raid tosses Hannah out on her ass like garbage and was horribly mean and cruel while doing it. Me? I would have left that house or died in it with Raid's DNA under my fingernails. I would have gone after him like beating his ass was an Olympic fucking event and I was going for gold. I would have never forgiven him. He would have had to crawl over molten lava, broken glass, and scattered Legos before I would have even considered listening to his groveling. It was immensely disappointing that Hannah took him back so easily after he cut her so deep. On the other hand, Raid was kinda awesome the rest of the time. I liked him quite a bit, even if he did make a living by kidnapping people and delivering them to be tortured and/or killed.

Hannah was sweet, but not a lot of backbone in that one. But I think that's how the heroines in this series are supposed to be - overly sweet, no head games, just kind and gentle women pairing up with bad-boys-with-shady-morals. Except Sylvie (from Creed, #2 in this series) - I think she's too badass to be lumped in with the sweet and heart-on-your-sleeve heroines from Raid and Deacon.

The books in this series are shorter than KA's other works, but she still wastes time with describing a fucking cat for two pages. I love details, but not details about a secondary character's vacation three years ago or how fat and aggressive a housecat is. I skim over these parts. But KA would do well to take out that crap filler and instead write a few more full sentences. I swear these books would be 50 pages shorter if she stopped taking up so much space by writing "Oh my god" so often with each word on its own line.

So -0.5 stars for the shitty breakup and groveling, but the story is absolutely solid and worth a read. As usual for Kristen Ashley... *sigh* God dammit.