Count on Me

Count on Me - Lauren Dane Love love loved it! It was really great to read about a romance with external conflict instead of internal for once. The fact that it's also a bit of a romantic suspense made it a million times more enjoyable, too.

Royal and Caroline sizzled... They were perfect together and their sexytimes were smokin' hot. I loved how they supported each other and had each others backs. Caro dealt with Anne, Royal's ex, perfectly. I didn't like Anne much in previous books and I really hated her in this one until she wised up. Royal being all sneaky alpha was really sexy and I dig his reaction to the racist assholes that have Caroline grief. Their romance was awesome. Just awesome. No conflict between them, no Big Misunderstandings, no denial of emotions... It was a nice change from chickenshit characters that refuse their own happiness.

As for the murderer/stalker... The author handled that really well. It took up the right amount of page time, it was appropriately disturbing, and the threats weren't over-the-top. My only complaint is that I wish it had turned out to be somebody we had already met, like one of the racist assholes. Because they totally deserved to be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives.

This is definitely one of my favorite Lauren Dane books, without a doubt. She just nailed it this time. Homerun. Bullseye. Whatever. I'd absolutely recommend it.

I wrote this review on my phone, so please ignore any misspellings or typos.