Until We Touch

Until We Touch - Susan Mallery This was a frustrating read.

First, Larissa is kind of hopeless with how clueless she is. Then she decides that the perfect way to get over Jack is to sex him up. That makes no sense and is the stupidest idea ever. Even when everyone points that fact out to her she brushes it off like she knows better. Though she hasn't ever really had a relationship before. And then Jack is a total douche... I mean, he fucks things up epically and with style. His groveling wasn't half bad, but I still can't believe how badly he fucked up and was still forgiven. The nice thing was that most everyone told him how badly he fucked up and turned their backs on him. It was most assuredly deserved.

So yeah. I almost DNF'd this at 50% when Larissa came up with the brilliant idea of seducing Jack but I persevered. Not this author's best work. Not by a long shot.