Veil of Night

Veil of Night - Linda Howard I tend to love or hate Linda Howard novels. She writes either a strong, clever, kick-ass female character or a simpering, woe-is-me, washrag of a female character. There are few "in-betweens" for me with this author. That being said, this is an "in-between" story.

I liked the story. I really did - it was intriguing, entertaining, and sexy. The murder mystery played out in hilarious and intense moments. The romantic sparks between Eric and Jaclyn worked and their sexytimes were yummy. And with Jaclyn being a wedding planner, there are a few wedding/reception/rehearsal dinner scenes - those were really amusing.

But even though I thoroughly enjoyed most of the book, Jaclyn really pissed me off. I got real tired of her being hurt and insulted by Eric doing his job and eliminating her as a suspect. She really milked that for as long as possible. You were the last person to see a murder victim before they were a murder victim and you had motive - be a big girl and get the fuck over it already. Her boo-hooing got old fast. I might have DNF'd this if I wasn't so invested in Eric and the weddings.

So yeah, I liked the story, but Jaclyn annoyed me.