Striking Distance

Seduction Game - Pamela Clare Now I remember why I have such issues with the books in this series. I've hopped around the series because I'm not really a fan of the Stubborn Female Investigative Reporter character. The blurb for this one didn't throw up red flags, so I gave it a shot. And to be fair, Laura was not the trope character that I try to avoid, she was fine. Javier was fine. Everything was just fine. Just fine.

Around 50% I started checking my reading progress constantly - I just wanted it to end already. The stakes didn't feel all that high. Javier was with her every second. When something bad happened, you knew immediately that the people you were supposed to care about were alright. I wasn't really surprised with the identity of the bad guy, there was a weird moment that really stuck out for me and I knew it would play into things later. And then the sex scenes were long and tedious.

I just... bleh. Nothing really special here in my opinion. It wasn't bad, it wasn't really anything. It just was.