A Reason to Kill

A Reason to Kill - C.P.  Smith Read this two years ago and though I remembered a little bit, I didn't remember any of the important stuff.

So my only real complaint is that Mia is an inconsistent character. She's never been out in the field, but is suddenly an expert in field work. She's horribly shy and awkward with men, then she's a cocky seductress. She's confident, then she's unsure. It wasn't character development, it was Mary Sue with Bella Swan Syndrome.

But I really liked everything else. Especially Max, his crazy mother, and the bottle blonde bitches of Trail's End. Door-to-door sex toy soliciting? Hell yeah, that was hilarious.

Now it's almost 5 am and I'm going to bed to dream about my very own Thor God of Lumberjacking.