Beautiful Outlaw

Beautiful Outlaw - Emily Minton I'm a little torn on this one. On one hand, helloooo sexism and mysogistic asshole bikers. On the other hand, the plot was intriguing and intense.

When you pick up a romance novel featuring a motorcycle club, you know you're gonna have to forgive and look past a certain amount of Neanderthal behavior and degradation of women. That's just "how it is" or whatever. This book seemed to take it one step further than I'm used to. I mean, Bowie basically puts Shay on display like a prized cow, cupping and showing off her breasts to his biker bros. And there was a healthy amount of male-on-female violence (not that that bitch didn't deserved to be choked out, but whoa...).

So I enjoyed the story, but the feminist in me really isn't happy about it.

Major cliffhanger at the end - I desperately want to know what the fuck that was about at the very end of the bonus epilogue. Not sure I want to deal with this motorcycle gang again just to find out, though.