The Cowboy's Way

The Cowboy's Way - Kathie DeNosky 2.5 stars I'm not even sure how I got this ebook if it's not even released yet and it's not my type of story, but whatever.

Kind of annoyed with Heather. Her ex's parents accused her of being a gold digger, so she's determined to never ever accept help of any kind from anybody for any reason. This goes well beyond "prideful" or "stubborn" and right into "fucking stupid"... Because it results in things like trying to take care of a working ranch all on your own, while sick with the flu, and carrying around a two year old the whole time. Or contemplating crossing the road that's underwater while driving a tiny sedan with a sick child in the back seat. Heather doesn't even have any friends, she's so convinced she has to (and can) do everything on her own, by herself, and alone. It's frustrating to read about somebody shooting themselves in the foot over and over again. If that horrible attitude weren't enough, she also gets offended by everything that comes out of T.J.'s mouth. She's rude and contrary. She doesn't want anyone else bonding with her son, as if she can somehow be the only person he'll ever need or come into contact with. She jumps to conclusions - I mean, leaps. She was about to move to another state because she refused to open an envelope and find out the truth.

It was simply ridiculous and I did not enjoy her at all. T.J. was a little slow on the uptake, but he made an effort. Heather was just a goddamn mess. Her son Seth, totes adorable, though.

Nothing special. Kinda boring really. Not much happens, aside from Heather being a moron. I was almost hoping a threat would appear, like some shady character wants to buy her ranch, so he starts burning down barns or taking shots at her. Unfortunately, we just get lots of Heather being a moron.