First Impressions

First Impressions - Nora Roberts This might be considered spoiler-y. Technically, I haven't given away real details, but some folks are pickier. So be warned.

So here's the thing. The Big Misunderstanding trope is used constantly in this book. And it's always because Shane absolutely refuses to allow Vance to finish a fucking sentence. He tries to explain things numerous times, but she always talks over him. She just plows right on through and completely misses the mark - half the time she's flat out wrong, but she's like a runaway train and nobody can stop her. I wanted to grab her, shake her, and demand that she shut the hell up for two seconds so Vance could give her the explanation she's demanding so violently.

And then there is a scene where Shane lets her mother break her heart again. Like, you know this woman is poison and wants to hurt you. You've been preparing yourself for her to show up and pull some shit. So how the hell are you so surprised and gullible when she shows up and pulls some shit?

So she falls for her mother's bullshit and goes tearing off, screaming for an explanation, which she won't shut up long enough to get. She does this whole "I trusted you and you were laughing at me the whole time! You were laughing at me! How could you laugh at me?!" Which mostly reminds me of the movie Carrie, when she's having that psychotic break and hearing her mother's voice in her head saying "They're all gonna laugh at you! They're all gonna laugh at you!" On and on with this laughing shit with Shane, when it's horribly obvious that nobody would find it funny. It's not a prank or con somebody would pull because it makes no sense, there is no payoff to doing it. I could have understood if she was just upset about being misled, but I don't get her thinking at all. Of course he wasn't laughing at you, dumbass. Be quiet and let the man speak!

She was so melodramatic while ranting and raving, totally incorrect and illogical, but entirely unwilling to allow anyone to speak long enough to correct her. I hated her by the end of the book.