Untamed - Nora Roberts 2.5 stars
God, grant me the serenity to finish reading this Nora Roberts collection without wanting to kill somebody.

I've wanted lighter reads lately because I'm having to stop reading so often to deal with the baby. So these earlier Nora Roberts books have been kinda perfect. It's a straight-up romance with flowery prose and melodramatic statements. It's very clear to me that Nora Roberts has improved, polished, and explored her writing - her recent romantic suspense novels are gritty and intense. I wouldn't have believed the writer that wrote this book would be able to also write novels like The Witness or The Search.

Anyway, this one was pretty alright. Maybe it's just bad luck, but the last couple female lead characters I've read have been ridiculous. The stories, fine. The male lead characters, so-so. The females... sweet baby Christ, stop. I'm so tired of these women now.

I've got a few more in this Nora Roberts collection and then I'm trading them for something else. Something violent. Maybe something paranormal. I must cleanse the palate of this sugary sweet romance and stupid females.