Impulse - Nora Roberts Okay, let me spoil this shit for you.

Meet Rebecca. Totally dependable, boring, 9-to-5 number cruncher Rebecca. She's never done anything impulsive, she's never even gotten a parking ticket. Rebecca's aunt, who was also totally dependable and boring, passes away just after retirement, when she was making plans to travel and do all the things she had been putting off her whole life. Which is when Rebecca realizes that she's on the same path as dear auntie. So she quits her job, sells every single thing she owns, buys a new wardrobe, and flies to London. Then Paris. Then Greece. She's determined to grab life and ride it bareback.

At this point, I'm like "Hell yeah. This chick is great!"

Then she meets some dude and falls in love. She tells him that she kinda woke up one day and realized she wasn't really living and decided to go on an adventure. She'd figure out what she was going to do when it was over later. Live in the moment and all that shit. She told him this. But she did not give the minute details about her being an accountant, being Miss Dependable, selling all her stuff to buy travelers checks, etc.

So while she's falling in love, she is absolutely freaking out that she's deceiving this guy because she hasn't told him she was an accountant and has no belongings. She hasn't lied to him. She hasn't even hinting at an untruth. But for some reason, she is completely racked with guilt over her dishonesty. It's nonstop "Oh god, what am I going to do when he finds out the horrible truth about me?!"

It was so annoying that I wanted to DNF the whole thing. But I knew that her Big Secret was going to be a total non-issue with this guy, I had to read on to find out how he responded when she finally revealed the Awful Truth. I wanted to know if he was going to laugh in her face or shake her. Or if the obscene happened and Nora Roberts had the guy totally flip out as if Rebecca really did lie to him about something important.

I would not recommend this unless you really want to be annoyed with somebody.