Rock Addiction

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss) (Volume 1) - Nalini Singh I adore Nalini Singh's writing. The Guild Hunter series is one of my absolute favorites and Rock Addiction was different, but just as enjoyable. I know a lot of women love these "in love with a rock star" stories, though it's not really a theme I personally seek out. But I'm glad I gave this one a chance.

I loved Fox. He's dealt with some seriously heartbreaking shit in his past and still managed to come out of it a fairly well-rounded and genuinely good person. He pursued Molly from chapter one and I loved that. At no point did he consider she wasn't worth it. Molly was understandably reserved and I was rooting for her so hard when she bucked up and decided to take the plunge, regardless of her past dealings with paparazzi and scandal. Even though she was at first scared and unsure, and even questioned whether or not she could trust Fox, she pulled through fairly quickly and acted like a mature adult that knew what she wanted. I really liked both characters and cheered for their happily ever after.

The secondary characters, which will of course be getting their own books, were fun and easy to connect with. Whenever there is a series that focuses on a group of guys that have their own books, I tend to read the first one and ignore the rest. Or I'll pick one character that sounds interesting, read his book, and skip the others. But I think I might actually read the other books in this series. I liked all the band members. I especially look forward to Charlotte/T-Rex's story and Noah's story.

The rock star falling in love with the staid librarian is not a new plot, but I felt like this story was fresh and sexy without recycling a lot of the plot points I've seen in other stories like this. I'd definitely recommend it!

* This story contains very mild BDSM that I don't think is intense enough to bother anyone. Just a little rope play in a short sex scene.