Here Be Sexist Vampires

Here Be Sexist Vampires - Suzanne  Wright 3.5 stars This would have probably gotten four stars if the author didn't make all the men fucking giggle every few pages. That's just not right. It's not manly. Men don't giggle, okay? Every time I saw a guy giggle, I imagined this dude:

Not sexy. I mean, unless this is your fetish. In which case, keep on doing you, weirdo.

The editing needs a little work. The phrase "seeing as how" was used numerous times, but always with the wrong word - "seen as how"... Urg! And then "off" instead of "of"... Quite annoying. Also, the author needs to pick a tense and stick with it. First person present or past - make your choice, lady. The formatting could be better, too. Large paragraphs with dialogue tucked in the middle? That was frustrating because it was easy to miss the fact that it was dialogue until you realized that the sentence makes no sense in relation to the rest of the paragraph you just read.

That being said... I really did enjoy the story. Sam was a great heroine with some seriously badass gifts. Jared, while totally sexist, was actually a decent guy in the end. The Grand High Master of the vampires or whatever? I liked him a lot, too. Usually the Head Honcho is some totally scary dude that would sooner skin you alive than allow you to backtalk him, but this guy was totally normal. The legion of vampires that Sam & Jared command all have their own personalities, but they don't overpower the focus on our MCs. Great supporting cast, really.

The three different breeds of vampires were interesting, though I don't feel that I have a firm grasp on Sam's breed - the Svente`. I also had a great time reading about the various vampy powers. Everyone has a different power that the author obviously put a lot of thought into. It might have been my favorite part of the story, even though the development of the romance was fun, too. But getting to read about how the vampires used their powers to fight off the invasion was a blast.

So the whole thing really worked for me... except the giggling. Oh my god, so much giggling. But I'm incredibly pleased to see that the following books in this series stay focused on Sam and Jared. I was a little worried that the other books would focus on other characters finding their HEA, but I'm not done with Sam and Jared just yet. They're gonna be a lot of fun to continue on with. I'm almost tempted to grab the sequel right now and start reading, but it's already 2:00 a.m. and my cutie little baby needs feeding!

I would definitely recommend this book with a warning that the editing needs a little work.