The Bite That Binds

The Bite That Binds - Suzanne  Wright Fuck yeah, man. The author didn't make the men giggle at all in this book! So glad for that.

Again, I had a great time. Sam and Jared are a wonderful couple - not perfect, they both have their issues, but they are 100% made for each other. Lots of sexy times, but the scenes aren't too long and Jared is fairly proficient at talking dirty. Yowza!

The fights are a fucking BLAST! The author is really good at writing a completely chaotic fight scene between a couple dozen vampires that all have their own unique gifts - poisonous thorns, density manipulation, invisibility, sonic booms, syphoning... Oh my god, it's so much fun. It's totally bonkers and I love it.

There are still some editing errors. The wrong word being used sometimes... it's an actual word and it's spelled correctly, but it's not the right word. There are also some oddly worded sentences that I stumbled and pondered over, but it might actually be a British thing, so I tried not to get too annoyed at that.

Overall, the writing is tighter and the focus is less on the building of the romance and more on the threats our various characters are facing. I had so much fun reading this, I immediately grabbed the third book and devoured it.

Definitely recommended.