Taste of Torment

Taste of Torment - Suzanne  Wright I feel a bit like a bad mother because I parked my newborn in front of the TV for a while so I could read this book. It was just so much fun, I couldn't help myself!

I don't even know how to review this book without giving anything away. Sam and Jared have A LOT to deal with in this story. There's a deadly virus, lots of backstabbing, and a ton of people that deserve to die horribly painful deaths. Don't worry, they get what's coming to them.

I think my favorite part of this book is the battle scenes. Total chaos between vampires that all have completely bonkers gifts - shapeshifting, mimicry, lightning bolts, fireballs, contact healing, the ability to shoot oily black tentacles out of your hands... Oh yeah, shit was cray-cray. And so, so fun!

I know the fourth book in this series focuses on Ava and Salem, two supporting characters that I did enjoy, but I don't know if I'll read it. Maybe later, just to get my headspace away from Sam and Jared.

As for the first three books in this series, I would absolutely recommend them. SO. MUCH. CRAZY. FUN.