Opening Up

Opening Up - Lauren Dane This was a slow burn for me. A lot of sex, which was hot but still a little too much considering how little plot there was. The conflict is external - I didn't have to sit through too much "No, I can't be with them even though I love them!" nonsense, so I was really pleased with that. But the external conflict was kinda... meh. I thought we were building up to this big climactic face-off between PJ and her dad, but it fizzled to nothing. I even held out a tiny bit of hope that there would be some post-face-off revenge plot, but no... nothing. Bit of a disappointment really.

That being said, though the plot is nothing to write home about, I really adored PJ. I want to be PJ, even with her shitty daddy issues. I thought she was downright amazing. She was smart, intelligent, witty, she didn't take shit, but she wasn't a bitch about it. She stood up for herself and did it with class and charm. Asa was alright. I never got him as well as I got PJ, but I liked him well enough.

So the fact that this book features a couple that actually wants to be together, PJ being so fucking awesome that I want to be her, Asa being pretty decent, and the custom car-loving, tattooed, ex-military, bare knuckle-fighting hotties... all work together to make this a four star read for me. Though it had problems, I liked the book in spite of them.

Lauren Dane is hit or miss with me, I'm glad this one was a hit so I won't avoid her books completely in the future.