2.5 stars *sigh* I just don't know what happened here. I will admit that I wanted to DNF it a dozen times, but then Showalter would give us a tiny hint of something sinister and I just had to know what the hell that was all going to be about. And I mean seriously tiny hints, like "There was a man." Super vague, but you know it wouldn't be mentioned if it wasn't going to be important later on. I called it. Totally called it. We've seen this villain a bajillion times and if it's not one of your first guesses, you're one of the lucky few that haven't come across this plotline every few weeks.

I had major issues with the main characters. Brook Lynn was a doormat, but at the same time she was redecorating Jase's house with fucking doilies. I'm reading this scene wondering what kind of moron would put doilies in the house of three bachelors? DOILIES, PEOPLE. She was all "This is how I would want it decorated if it were my house, isn't it lovely?" I would have shown her out and thrown the doilies and potpourri in her face before slamming and locking the door. And I couldn't stand her whole "I can fix Jase" mindset. That's right, true loving relationships are based on molding the other person to fit your standards and desires. Ugh. On top of that, she repeatedly claimed that she wanted to be with somebody that would fight for her because she would fight for them, but she ran out on Jase when he revealed his past to her? Hypocritical and cowardly. I had a hard time finding anything to like about her, but I managed to find a silver lining in her obsession with prepping for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. That and her love of cooking - otherwise, I hated her.

Jase, on the other hand, was a total anti-hero. I didn't get a domestic violence kinda vibe from him, but I wouldn't be surprised if other readers did. I sympathized with him, he got a shit deal. But aside from his issues stemming from his time in prison, he was a fairly flat character. He liked to eat Brook Lynn's cooking and he was doing some renovations on the house... that's really everything I know about him. Which isn't enough for me to cream my panties about.

Just not feeling this one.