No Limits

No Limits - Lori Foster This was a very frustrating read. First, let me tell you that I loved Cannon. He was an awesome hero. He's an MMA fighter, but we don't spend much time in that part of his life. His fellow fighter, Armie, was also a great character. Lots of laughs from him throughout the story.

Unfortunately, they were overshadowed by two things. One, the secondary villain was insanely obvious from their first scene and continued to be obvious through every subsequent scene. I couldn't understand how such an experienced author would choose to write somebody so painfully obvious. Of course, there is a bit of a twist, so knowing who they are and what they want doesn't totally ruin it. But still, disappointingly obvious. Two... Yvette. *sigh*

Yvette is one of those women that lacks self-confidence to such an extreme, her behavior is outright ridiculous. She adores Cannon. Cannon is very obviously into her. Like, into her. Hard. Everyone but Yvette can see this. And she is so blinded by her lack of self-worth, she continually tries to hook Cannon up with other women. He is downright molesting her at a bar, but she's like "Hey, that girl over there seems to want to hook-up with you, I completely understand if you'd like to go home with her. She's so pretty. Look. LOOK AT HER!" Cannon is kissing on her neck and Yvette is all "I have a really hot friend you might be interested in dating." What the fuck is going on in this woman's mind?

I've seen this in books before. I get it. However, this continues on through the whole book. It isn't until the last chapter that she's confident enough in herself and their relationship to declare her feelings. And yet still, when Cannon makes it clear that he wants forever with her, she's like "You really want me to go to your fights with you?" OH MY GOD.

So I'm giving this 3 stars, though if Yvette wasn't such a moron, I'd have probably given it 4 stars.