Kade's Dark Embrace

Kade's Dark Embrace - Kym Grosso 2.5 stars Every guy she comes across wants to bone this chick. And while that's not unusual, we don't typically get their narrative about how they feel about her. We had to go through that like four times.

But this loses a whole star for the rating because this is one TSTL character that should have died twice before the halfway mark. Human vs. vampire. Who's gonna win? If you said "human", you're stupid. You're just damn dumb stupid. Like Sydney, our heroine. Damn dumb stupid.

"You can't hold your own against a vampire."
Uh huh!

"You are being hunted by a psycho vampire with Voodoo powers."
Big deal!

"You can't go anywhere alone."
Let me just leave a note saying I've gone to the bakery.

You dumb, dumb bitch. Overly cocky, under qualified, and with a horribly smug attitude... I really didn't like this girl at all. She must have said "I'm a detective!" a dozen times as justification for why she should be out hunting magical vampires when she has no experience or special talents. "I can handle running into a warehouse full of feral vamps because I'm a detective!" Uh huh, okay.