Satin and Saddles

Satin and Saddles - Cheyenne McCray 2.5 stars Do you ever get the feeling that an author has written a villain in a specific way to satisfy the darker sexual urges of some readers?

Aside from the fact that Carly would not be a willing participant and Geoff technically wants to torture and punish her, what he plans on doing to her is really just a sub-genre of BDSM. He wants to repeatedly choke her, which is known as breath play or autoerotic asphyxiation.

Breath play is not something I've seen in any of the eroticas I've previously read, so I've assumed that it's considered "too much" for mainstream publishing. Which is why I find it interesting that the first time I see it used, it's being used by the villain as a form of torture.

Anyway, as for this story... Meh. As soon as Carly was like "No, I'll be fine. Don't worry." I knew shit was about to go down. Hearing strange noises in your home? No biggie, stop jumping at shadows, silly! Stupid. Things got pretty dark there at the climax, which was a nice balance for the sickly sweet romance. Still, I'm ambivalent about the whole thing.