Tying You Down

Tying You Down - Cheyenne McCray Insert my frustrated sigh here. This chick, Jo. She's having lunch with Tate. Tate's ex shows up and invites herself to join them, sits down at their table, ignores her, flirts with Tate, etc. So Jo tucks tail and runs away. Tate doesn't make his ex shove off, doesn't make Jo stay, just sits there dumbfounded as his ex takes his place of his date. Fuck both these characters, but whatever... I can forgive once.

Okay so, in a scene later on, the ex shows up during Jo & Tate's date and demands a dance with Tate. Jo tells them to "Go on, have fun." and so Tate runs off with his ex girlfriend and Jo stands around on the sidelines while the ex tries to get Tate back. Are you kidding me? If Jo had any less of a backbone, she'd be a fucking jellyfish.

I can't stand how little self-confidence Jo has and her freaking about food is making me hungry. Tate is a moron that is so determined to be a gentleman, he lets his ex drive away his current love interest. The author also does a horrible job at foreshadowing - just by the sentence used to introduce a character, I knew exactly what would happen, which was confirmed by their first sentence even though it's supposed to be a suspenseful secret.

No. This is bad. Don't read it.