A Fine Specimen

A Fine Specimen - Lisa Marie Rice That was tedious and I fully admit to skimming some of the longer scenes of contemplation. Alex is a pretty shitty boyfriend/lover/whatever. Caitlyn is entirely too stuck inside her own head. I almost DNF'd it when Alex spent multiple scenes not listening to Caitlyn and instead just nodding in agreement while staring at her tits and wondering what kind of panties she's wearing. And when he fucks up, he fucks up pretty badly. And he didn't even apologize - he gets away scot-free because of a "omg-you-almost-died" reunion. I hate those. Just because somebody almost dies doesn't mean all your shitty behavior the day before never happened. Serious groveling was necessary here.

I'm also kinda grossed out by the sex scenes. And if they weren't gross, they were disappointing. Alex seems to have an issue with premature ejaculation - not super sexy. And Caitlyn is constantly noticing how strongly their sex smells - the farthest thing from sexy. He always describes her pussy as "tiny" and "little", which sounds kinda pedo-ish after all the "she looks 12 years old" stuff. And I don't believe for one second that Alex shot off as soon as he penetrated her and 3 minutes later, without either of them moving, she has the strongest orgasm ever. What? No. That's some bullshit right there.

This was disappointing.