A Perfect Bride for Christmas

A Perfect Bride for Christmas - Dyann Love Barr 3.5 stars This one started off pretty rough for me. Zoe is overweight and pining for her best friend Alex, who just got dumped at the altar. Alex's truly evil friend Tommy convinces Alex to marry Zoe while he's shitfaced drunk. Zoe, of course, agrees. Next morning, Alex is horrified to find out he's married a fatty, even though she's supposedly his best friend. Tommy and Alex both say atrociously insulting things to her before she flees in humiliation and disappears. This is only the first chapter and I could barely get through it. It was so incredibly painful to read and I was really embarrassed on Zoe's behalf. In her position, I would have held the most impressive grudge ever. But she moves on with her life, gets married, has babies, starts her own business. This fictional character is a much better person than I. I'd have found a way to destroy Alex. And hopefully Tommy alongside him. Admittedly, Tommy was a million times worse than Alex, but he's not the hero of this story.

However, after that torturous scene... things get better. There are a few things I wish were wrapped up better (ie: with a little more detail), but overall it was an enjoyable read. Zoe ended up being a strong character that stood up for herself and knew her own mind. Alex was kinda terrible at the start and you really got to watch him grow up and take responsibility, but I never fully warmed up to him because I couldn't forget his horrible fat comments. I wish we got to find out what happened with Crazy Aunt Brenda, but that didn't take away from the story.

I'd recommend it, with a warning that the first chapter is somewhat painful.