A Little Scandal

A Little Scandal - Patricia Cabot This got off to a an interesting start. I liked Burke and Kate for most of the story, but Kate lost me towards the end when she got hypocritical. I did like how Burke turned things around on her to show her how hypocritical she was being and I kinda wish he actually had walked out on her ass. Overall, not a bad read. I skimmed a few of the scenes where Kate or Burke continually ruminate over things because they did that entirely too often and I got the point the first few times.

But here's my problem... and it's the mother of all spoilers. I mean, I'm literally going to mention all the twists, motives, secrets, and the like. So don't even think about viewing the spoiler if you're hoping to read this book without knowing how things end.

Here's the problem. Daniel killed Kate's parents. Now he wants to kill her. And by the way, she's pregnant with Burke's baby. So Daniel is about to kill Kate, but first he has to monologue about how and why he killed her parents and why she has to die now, too. Burke overhears the confession and comes to the rescue. He says he heard the entire confession, but for some reason didn't do anything until Daniel had almost choked Kate to death. Nice timing, Burke. So then Burke and Daniel fight and Daniel dies. Unfortunately, Kate has no proof that Daniel murdered her parents, so she's still going to be shunned by polite society. But wait, Burke heard the whole thing and will file a report with the magistrate the next day. And so, Kate's parent's names are cleared, she marries Burke, has the baby, and... And nobody questions the veracity of Burke's statement? Like a man wouldn't lie to protect the woman he loves and his child from the derision of polite society? Everyone was so willing to doubt Kate's parents and Kate's story about Daniel being the murderer. But Burke claims that Kate's parents were innocent, that Daniel is guilty, and the ton doesn't sit there going "Well of course he'd say that. She was already pregnant with his bastard, so he obviously made it all up so she and her child would be accepted by polite society." ?!?!?!??! What? Everyone just rolls over and accepts this? It's the truth, but still... that doesn't fit at all with the rest of the book. 98% of the book has the ton being gossips and rumor mongers. But at the end, because we need a HEA, they'll believe this story? Bullshit.