White Lies

White Lies - Jayne Ann Krentz 4.5 stars I really like this author because I never know who the villain is until The Big Reveal. Unfortunately, that means I have a hard time putting it down. I sit down with a book when the baby goes to sleep and the next thing I know, I've finished the book and see that it's almost five in the morning. I need eye drops, my eyes are scratchy. It was worth it.

I liked our main characters, Clare and Jake. They were both alphas and I always enjoy that pairing when the woman isn't a bitch and the man isn't a raging asshole. They didn't immediately butt heads on principle, which tends to ruin the pairing for me. The enemies-to-lovers pairing only works for me when the people were legitimate enemies, not when they just hate each other on sight. But that's not what this story is, so I digress because I'm so tired I'm actually drunk.

ALphas. They're alphas. That was my point for some reason. Oh yes. Jake has this hunter thing going on, which made for some smoldering moments between him and Clare. And she handled it with aplomb. I loved her reaction - "Oh, you're the Big Bad Wolf? Okay. Are you going to eat that last slice of pizza?"

Shit. Baby's awake, so I gotta go. But I obviously enjoyed this one. I'll be checking out some more books in this series for my vacation next week.