Return to Me

Return to Me - Kelly Moran Jan 2017: On reread, I'm a little less blown away. But the other books I read around the same time were mostly 1-2 stars, so that's understandable - I've started 2017 by reading a few really good stories, making this one pale in comparison the tiniest bit. I very much enjoyed this story the second time around, though. I tend to avoid second-chance romances as mine didn't turn out all that great, so you know this had to be pretty damn good for me to get over my hesitation and give it four stars. And I'm reminded that Kelly Moran is a really good writer, so I'm gonna try the next book in the series soon!

May 2015: You know that moment in all romance novels where one of the characters has to step up and make a decision: to be with the person they love or leave them for whatever convoluted reason they've thought of. You know the moment I'm talking about. After somebody has groveled or the truth has finally come out, whatever.

Mia totally made the right decision. I actually pumped my fist in the air. I was legit worried that she'd chicken out, but nope - she was awesome. Such a relief.

I'd have given this five stars if Mia had slapped Cole's mom or bitched her out, but no book is perfect, right? And there could have been a bit more about Cole's PTSD - I have a hard time believing Mia's presence was so cathartic that he just stopped having nightmares. It's a little too pat.

But still, quite the enjoyable read. Definitely gonna check out more of Kelly Moran's work!