Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian - Christine Feehan This was a torturous 29%, man. Jaxx is an idiot. A total, complete, TSTL idiot. She refuses to listen to the answers to the questions she asks. She refuses to believe what she's seeing with her very own eyes. She refuses to accept logic.

Oh but wait, she does accept responsibility for all the awful things that happen to other people, things she had zero control over. And she does accept the fact that Lucian is a two thousand year old non-human vampire hunter. But she refuses to believe he could take out a nutty bonkers Navy SEAL? Yup, she's an idiot.

I don't like one single thing about this story or the characters by 29% and the last 10% was spent praying it would get better so I wouldn't have to give up at 1:30am. So color me done. And it's extra disappointing because I know this author is capable of amazing things. Totally dropped the ball on this one. Dropped it on a sharp metal spike. And then poured acid on it.