Nov. 2016: I just finished reading and I'm already desperate for the next book. This was such a good installment - ramping up the suspense for another encounter with Lijuan, delving a bit deeper into Elena's ancestry, showing a bit more of Aodhan's personality... I have only the most minor of complaints:
a) I wish we'd gotten to see Illium and Aodhan reunite after returning to New York.
b) I really want more of the Legion, who were completely absent in this book.
c) This book was a bit more 'mystery solving' than the usual 'monster fighting' and I'd have liked a little more action.

I hate waiting so long for the next book, but as always - it was WORTH IT.

Y'all try not to be assholes between now and the publication of the next book, ya hear?


Mar. 2016: Everyone bitching that this is another Raphael and Elena book - you're awful garbage people. You want different characters so badly, write your own pervy fanfiction. Keep saying "Oh no, I'm so upset! I'm so disappointed! How could Nalini do this to us!?" and see how long she keeps writing for obviously unappreciative fans. Assholes.


Oct. 2015: It seems everyone is hoping for an Illium and Aodhan book, which I totally get. That would be spectacularly hot. However, if Illium and Aodhan hook up with other people, that means two stories instead of one. And I'm all for that. Sorry, guys... I'm too greedy to be Team Illidhan or Aolium, whatever.