Demigod Down

Demigod Down - Kim Schubert Finally, the legendary executioner gets to kill some people!

But we've still got problems. I seriously doubt this book was edited at all and if it was, it must've been edited by somebody that doesn't speak English very well. There are multiple sentences that simply do not make sense. Any time the word "loath" is used, it's misspelled. I don't think "loth" is a word. Spellcheck says it's not. There are a few things in the fight scenes that are physically impossible, regardless of your supernaturalness. So yeah, lots of editing issues.

As for the plot, I'm digging it. I don't like Olivia with Blake, but I'm also not too fond of Logan, either - I feel like we're headed for a change in romantic interest. If that's the case, Logan has some serious improvements to make.

I wish we got some more explanations of various things, but in an effort to write an action-packed story, I feel like the author just wanted to move on to the next fight instead of explaining why the fuck there are massive talking snakes that cause hallucinations. Like... don't you want to know what that was about?! I sure as fuck do.

Anyway, I'm picking up the next book asap. With so many disappointing DNFs lately, I'm sticking with what works until I have no choice.