Awakening the Fire

Awakening the Fire - Ally Shields 25% through and I feel like I've been reading for years. Nothing is happening and the main character has proven herself to be a horribly inept investigator. I think that's a pet peeve of mine, when an investigator or police officer or guardian of some sort just stumbles through the story. She has no plan and no idea what to do, so I'm pretty sure she's TSTL and I'm not interested. Shame, because I have four books in this series and now they're all going in the trash.

Update: I jumped to 80% to see how things were going. And I was pleasantly surprised to find Ari coming across as the competent Guardian slash police officer I was hoping for. So I kept reading and things were really looking good. And then she chased numerous werewolves down a dark maze with no weapon. Uuugghh. So yeah, she actually is TSTL. And then she saves the day with blind luck. That was some bullshit. Well written and engaging, but the victory was total bullshit. I don't think I'm left with any better an impression than when I quit before. It's almost worse this time because I enjoyed it for a while around 80% where I skipped ahead and then that enjoyment was brutally snatched away.