Untitled - Sharon Hannaford Phew! I've gotten through the five books in this series in like, three days. I'm beat, but glad I decided to read all of them back to back. It's easy to get absorbed in this world.

There were a few continuity errors, like Gabi's height changed in this book and after having night vision for five books, she suddenly needs an escort through a dark room. But what's really bothering me is that these characters won't use guns. Everyone else is using guns against them, they've got a bunker full of guns. Won't use 'em. Urgh! My other issue is that there is an overabundance of threats to these people all at the same time. The author is spreading things too thin trying to cram EVEN MOAR DANGER into every page. I can deal with like, two at a time, okay?

Definitely looking forward to the next book.