Magic Rises

Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews Even though I have stayed up reading this until 4am, it’s my least favorite book in this series so far.

I hated the relationship drama and felt cheated out of a violent resolution with Lorelei. The Hugh angle was expected, but where the fuck is Nick? I guess the authors just forgot about him. I was glad to get away from Atlanta for a bit, but the out of control magic there makes it a much more interesting location. I'm kinda pissed about Saiman, that the authors would again use him to betray the only person that would lift a finger to save him was disappointing. I was a little bored and felt like I was racing to get to the end just to find out how it all ends before starting the next book.

But I love the mythology lessons and the legends coming to life thanks to magic. It's a fabulously intersting world and I really like the characters, so I will obviously keep reading. I just feel that this one was a bit of a miss for me.

Edit: I dunno why, but I went ahead and read the blurb and reviews for the next two books. Now I'm not sure I really want to continue. Desicions, desicions.