Fantasy in Death

Fantasy in Death - J.D. Robb I knew who the murderer was and how they did it right away. I tried to keep reading, but I couldn't get into it because the investigation seemed pointless when I already knew the ending. So I skipped ahead to like, 75% or something, and managed to catch things at just the right time to pick things up with a second victim, a motherfucking sword fight, and solving the case. Totally awesome ending with physical and emotional ass-kickings.

I regret that I skipped over 50% of the book only because Robb writes a damn good story and I enjoy being drawn into her fictional universes. I feel like I probably missed out on some really interesting scenes. But knowing who the killer was right off the bat made me insatiable and I consider it very lucky that I managed to randomly skip ahead to just the right place to make a smooth transition into the big finale.