How to Handle a Cowboy

How to Handle a Cowboy - Joanne Kennedy This was rage-inducing. Mainly, Sierra was rage-inducing. She's a terrible social worker. Absolutely terrible. I spent more than half the book reading like "No, don't do it... don't you fucking do it, you moron." And then she wasn't going to do it! I was so happy! Then she decided to do it. Ugh. Idiot.

I'm not sure Joanne Kennedy has ever dealt with foster kids and if she's ever been a foster parent, I pity the children she fostered if she thinks her character's behavior is anything but deplorable.

Riley is a non-event, completely unnecessary, and adds zero to the story. She serves no other purpose than to be a vehicle for the Big Bad Threat to enter the scene and further prove to me that Sierra is a terrible social worker.

Also, the sheriff should be fired and you know... there should be an actual ending. You're left with no indication of what happens to all the foster kids. The bad guy gets a wrap up, but the foster kids we spent the whole book reading about? Literally the most important thing in Sierra's life? Nothing. Apparently they don't matter.

Fuck Sierra, fuck this stupid book, and fuck Joanna Kennedy.