A Witch's Fury

A Witch's Fury - Kim Schubert Guys... I can't handle this much betrayal. It's so depressing. And the next book has Betrayal IN THE FUCKING TITLE!!1

And again with not explaining things, god dammit! No explanation for Blake biting Olivia at the wedding and his fucked up heartless words after. Which was completely incongruent with his behavior before AND after the wedding! Things seem to be headed in the direction I thought they were with the romantic interests, but what the fuck was that even about?! No further mention of Lorraine after she's locked up like the psycho she is. What about what's going on in Fae? Who was Eli? Nothing? NOTHING ABOUT ANY OF THAT.

*grumbles* YesI'mstillgonnareadthenextbookgoddammit!